5 NY Giants draft picks the team gave up on too soon

We wish the NY Giants still had these playmakers around
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While the New York Giants haven’t had the greatest draft classes over the last decade and change, there’s a collection of players they would’ve been better served giving a little more time to develop instead of cutting ties. That’s not to say there are a ton of them. It was a borderline struggle finding five, that’s a testament to how rough the draft classes have been before Joe Schoen arrived in New York. Dave Gettleman and Jerry Reese left the cupboard bare for the former Buffalo Bills assistant.

As Schoen looks to rebuild the roster, he’s not exactly innocent, as he’s taken some big swings, but he was starting with a rough hand from Day 1 in New York. Nevertheless, as the Giants enter Year 3 of his tenure, with the 2024 NFL Draft almost here, it’s time to get into the mood. Here are the five Giants draft picks the team gave up on too soon:

5. DB Julian Love

Let’s start with the most recent example, defensive back Julian Love, who is one of Schoen’s transgressions on the list. The former Notre Dame star was far from perfect in New York. Even during his final season with the team, where he blossomed into a formidable player, he still made far too many mistakes, namely against teams like the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, when Love signed with the Seattle Seahawks for a relatively cheap contract last offseason, he began to become one of the more reliable safeties in the entire league. It led to his best season in the NFL, where he made the Pro Bowl for the first time. It really stung to see Love ball out the way he did in Seattle.

Now with Xavier McKinney in Green Bay with the Packers, the Giants have more questions than answers in their secondary. Having Love in tow for 2024 would’ve been huge, but instead he’s making a name for himself with the Seahawks. We can only hope Schoen can address the issues at DB during the draft.