5 NY Giants draft picks the team gave up on too soon

We wish the NY Giants still had these playmakers around
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3. OL Justin Pugh

Let’s stay within the offensive line, and this one is a unique case. Ironically enough, Justin Pugh left the Giants and played for the Cardinals, like Hernandez, before returning during the 2023 campaign. The Giants opted not to pay Pugh after the 2017 season, and there was immediately a huge hole along their offensive line. Eli Manning, Daniel Jones and every quarterback in between could’ve used Pugh’s versatility protecting them during the prime of his career.

Perhaps Pugh’s high price tag scared New York, as he inked a $45 million contract with Arizona, but that would’ve been a small price to pay for his services. At the time, the front office utilized their money elsewhere, but the offensive line has been the biggest need for what seems like forever.

Pugh is far from the same player he was during his first stint in New York, and during his time in Arizona, but he still was far from the worst lineman on the Giants last season. His leadership, along with his ability to play all over the line, would’ve been perfect for the team’s last couple of campaigns.