5 NY Giants draft picks the team gave up on too soon

We wish the NY Giants still had these playmakers around
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2. DL BJ Hill

Gettleman actually hit on a mid-round pick for the Giants, and he decided to trade him away before he was able to blossom into a serious piece for the team’s defense. BJ Hill came to the Giants by way of NC State during the 2018 NFL Draft, a premium selection at No. 69 overall. The team had needs all over the place, and Gettleman decided to use the pick on a player he felt had some heightened potential.

While Hill accumulated 5.5 sacks during his rookie season, he was never given the opportunity to show his stuff again after that, as he saw his playing time diminish. Gettleman decided to move Hill to Cincinnati for Billy Price, and the Bengals quickly realized they won the trade and then some.

Since arriving in the AFC North, Hill has evolved into a major piece for the Bengals, and he even helped bring Cincinnati to the Super Bowl. The Giants defensive line isn’t exactly yearning for talent, but that doesn’t change the fact that they messed up the Hill situation.