5 NY Giants players who won’t make the 53-man roster in 2024

These will be easy decisions for Joe Schoen this summer

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Every season we see teams make some incredibly difficult decisions when it comes to building their final 53-man roster. The NY Giants are no exception to this and have had to let some talented players go in the past. Now, in 2024, Joe Schoen is going to be handed the same task, however, there are some pretty easy choices on who to release down the road.

These five players could potentially stick around, but as of now, they look like prime candidates to be released. Whether it be to free up cap space, or a roster spot for someone with more potential, fans shouldn't expect these guys to still be around once Week 1 gets here:

5. WR Chase Cota

Back in January, the Giants signed Chase Cota to a reserve/future contract for the upcoming season. Despite this, there's unfortunately little-to-no shot that Cota ends up making the roster by the time the deadline comes around.

This is no shade on the Oregon product, but with the number of receivers the Giants currently have on their roster, alongside the odds of drafting someone in the first round, it's not looking too bright for Cota. Not to mention, the Giants could always spend a late-round pick on another pass-catcher, or sign a UDFA as well.

Cota has yet to play a snap in his NFL career and with everything currently going against him, we simply don't see a world where he makes the Giants roster. Perhaps he could return as a practice squad specialist, but making the final roster would be a tall order for the 24-year-old wideout.