5 NY Giants who are likely entering their final season with the team

You already know Danny Dimes is on the list.
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1. QB Daniel Jones

This may not come as a surprise, but Jones has a LONG way to go in order to be worth that $47 million cap hit he has this season. Unless a miracle occurs and Jones returns or plays above his 2022 season, there's almost no way he won't be released in 2025. Jones is currently being paid like a top quarterback in the NFL, yet, in '23, he played like one of the worst before tearing his ACL.

Now, given the Giants' efforts to trade up for Drake Maye in this year's draft, it seems like they've lost faith in Jones' abilities to lead this team. This isn't surprising, as his two-touchdown, six-interception outing last season was nothing short of abysmal.

In the modern NFL, you need to either have an elite QB, or a top-tier supporting cast to achieve meaningful success. Currently, the Giants have neither, so it may be time to move on from Jones sooner rather than later in order to find their new franchise guy behind center.

Perhaps Jones can surprise all of us and go back to being an at least above-average QB, but given everything going against him, this is doubtful. He's been given far too many chances and fans are simply getting tired of his poor play.