5 of the most underrated players in NY Giants history

These guys will always be beloved by Giants fans.
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2. DT Keith Hamilton

Career with Giants: 1992-2003, 157 games started, eighth most sacks in team history, seventh most solo tackles in team history, one-time Second Team All-Pro

We can go on and on listing all of the incredibly talented defensive linemen who have played for the NY Giants over the years. However, if you ask most fans who the best are in team history, it's doubtful you'll hear them mention Keith Hamilton, who managed to put 12 consecutive successful seasons together with the Giants.

Unfortunately for Hamilton, he was never gifted a Super Bowl like everyone else mentioned on this list. He was drafted in 1992, two years after the Giants' second victory, and while he and New York were runners-up in 2000, Hamilton would retire in 2003, four years before they won it again in 2007.

While Hamilton never made a Pro Bowl in his career, he managed to make an All-Pro second team in 2000 and placed fourth in Defensive Player of the Year voting. Throughout his career, he earned 545 combined tackles, 63 sacks, and eight forced fumbles.

Hamilton was a key piece of the Giants' defense for over a decade, yet again, we never hear his name mentioned by most fans. He was the predecessor to what would become one of the best defensive line units in the last 20 years. While he and Michael Strahan still dominated the league with New York, their powers alone were not enough to muster a Super Bowl win before Hamilton's retirement.