5 of the most underrated players in NY Giants history

These guys will always be beloved by Giants fans.
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1. LB Chase Blackburn

Career with Giants: 2005-2012, 45 games started, two-time Super Bowl champion

When you look up underrated in the dictionary, odds are you'll see a picture of Chase Blackburn. In all seriousness, you can't create a better story than what Blackburn went through in the 2011 season. Despite being released by New York after the previous season, Blackburn would rejoin the team in Week 13. Following this, he'd start the next four games, racking up 26 tackles in that span, and capping his season off with a massive interception in the Super Bowl while guarding Rob Gronkowski.

The undrafted linebacker from Akron University not only managed to put together an incredibly successful 10-year NFL career as both a linebacker and special teams master. During this span, he racked up 372 combined tackles, 14 tackles for loss, five forced fumbles, and four interceptions.

He's not the flashiest, or best player on this list by any means. However, none of these guys went through what Blackburn did throughout his career. He had little chance of making a roster to begin with, yet managed to be a genuine contributor to a successful Giants team.

These days, Blackburn is passing his knowledge on to a new generation of stars as the Special Teams Coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams. Players like Blackburn will never get proper appreciation from casual NFL fans, but a fanbase like the Giants always remembers legends like him.