5 players the NY Giants can target if they trade back in Round 1

Michael Penix will be a name to watch in the 2024 NFL Draft
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2. Iowa DB Cooper DeJean

Cooper DeJean is a rare breed of cornerback. The Hawkeye product is extremely versatile and could play multiple positions in the league. Ideally, DeJean pans out to be an outside corner, but even if that doesn't pan out, he has a high ceiling at safety or in the slot.

While a fractured fibula ended DeJean's final season at Iowa, he was still incredibly productive in 2023, allowing just 20 receptions on 46 targets for 194 yards and two interceptions. The only real negative to DeJean's game going into the NFL is that he's played only 199 snaps in press coverage during his collegiate career. This could end up meaning nothing, but the lack of experience is noteworthy for a player with so few flaws.

Seeing DeJean be mocked into the mid-to-late teens recently has been quite odd to witness. He truly is one of, if not the best all-around defensive player in this year's draft class. This means that if the Giants trade back and have the chance to draft him, they shouldn't hesitate. If he can stick at CB, he'd be a great player on the opposite side of the field from Banks.