5 players the NY Giants can't reach for in Round 1 of the NFL Draft

The Giants need to ace their first-round pick in the 2024 draft
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As we look forward to draft night, it seems increasingly likely that the NY Giants will have their part in some chaos or movement in the early portion of the first round. Sitting with the No. 6 overall pick, rumors are swirling that the Giants are looking to grab a franchise quarterback.

However, rumors are rumors for a reason, and no one truly knows what the Giants will do. As we look at the countless options of how things may shake out, it's easy to spot some prospects that don't quite fit with the G-Men and are being overvalued by talent evaluators. The Giants need a grand-slam pick in the first round and must avoid anything that doesn't fit into that threshold. Let's look at five prospects the Giants should avoid reaching for in Round 1 of the NFL Draft.

5. TE Brock Bowers

There is no doubt that during his time at Georgia, Brock Bowers was one of the most dominant players in the country. Drawing comparisons to George Kittle, Bowers is an asset both as a pass-catching weapon and a run-blocker. While carrying plenty of potential, Bowers doesn't make much sense for the G-Men this year.

As the Giants' roster stands, grabbing a tight end in Round 1 would be foolish. With so many holes at premium positions, the Giants need to target a quarterback or wide receiver to change the dynamic of the offense. 

Despite Darren Waller still not making up his mind about his retirement, don't expect the Giants to target Bowers even if Waller calls it quits. While mid-round tight end prospects may draw interest from the G-Men, expect Joe Schoen and Co. to be locked in on grabbing a franchise-changing playmaker with their first selection.