5 players the NY Giants can't reach for in Round 1 of the NFL Draft

The Giants need to ace their first-round pick in the 2024 draft
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2. QB Michael Penix Jr.

Like McCarthy, Michael Penix Jr. is making a late push to cement himself as an early Round 1 pick. Just a month ago, Giants' fans were getting familiar with the idea of taking Penix with their Round 2 pick; fast-forward to today, there is a buzz about the Giants potentially taking Penix at No. 6 overall.

In the days leading up to the draft, it's tough to separate reality from the smoke and mirrors the media is spewing. Is this Penix hype real, or will he still be available in the late first or early second round? Schoen will have to ask himself if his interest in Penix is genuine.

When looking at Penix as a prospect, several alarming red flags would make him a big question mark at No. 6. Having already torn his ACL twice and endured two severe shoulder surgeries, Penix isn't exactly a model of good health. His health and his 24th birthday coming in early May make for a risky prospect.

If the Giants do decide that Penix is the prospect they want, Schoen must be patient and not grab him at No. 6. If they trade back and add more draft capital, then sure, grab him later in the first round - just not at No. 6.