5 QBs the NY Giants can already focus on for the 2025 NFL Draft

Will one of these guys be the future QB1 of the Giants?
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4. Donovan Smith

If there is someone in this class who can have a Jayden Daniels-type season where they come out of nowhere to shoot up the draft boards, it's Donovan Smith. He may not put up the numbers Daniels did in 2023, but his potential to open the eyes of NFL scouts is high. Smith transferred from Texas Tech to Houston in 2023 and thrived in his first year under center for the Cougars.

He threw for a career high 2,801 yards with another career high 22 touchdowns. Add in a 64 percent completion percentage and you have a prospect looking to make a serious jump come draft season in 2025. At 6-5, 241 pounds, Smith is a unit and able to shed tackles in the pocket. His size also translates to his arm strength, as he is able to make some big throws and stretch the field.

Where he struggles is more of the mental side of the game. He often sticks to his first read and ignores his progressions. Although the arm talent is there, he relies too much on it, which results in interceptions. He can sometimes be enticed to throw short passes depending on the coverage he sees, and that also can lead to turnovers. A big thing to watch for Smith in 2024 is how much he stretches the field. He has the arm talent to do it, we just need to see it more.