5 QBs the NY Giants can already focus on for the 2025 NFL Draft

Will one of these guys be the future QB1 of the Giants?
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2. Riley Leonard

We know what you're thinking - another Duke quarterback potentially drafted high, are we really going to do this again? The answer is, we should because Riley Leonard is different. Plus, he transferred to Notre Dame for his final season, so maybe he gets that Duke stink off of him. He missed a good chunk of 2023 because of injury, but in the games he did play, we saw the flashes of why he is one of the top-rated quarterbacks in this draft.

He already possesses elite ball placement, as he is able to hit receivers in stride and can make high IQ reads to manipulate defensive schemes. He has good footwork and that nimbleness allows him to navigate the pocket at a high level. Although Leonard shows great fearlessness on the football field, that is where he can get into trouble. That type of play has cost him multiple games throughout his college career because of injuries.

He needs to work on finding the balance of playing aggressive while protecting himself. Despite his comfortability in the pocket, he struggles once plays break down and he has to make throws outside the pocket or on the run. He may not be the most flashy quarterback in this year's draft, but making even these small improvements can make him a real target for the Giants.