5 QBs the NY Giants can already focus on for the 2025 NFL Draft

Will one of these guys be the future QB1 of the Giants?
Arizona v Colorado
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1. Shedeur Sanders

Despite the high praise from his father, Shedeur Sanders is really just that good. He's one of the top quarterbacks in the draft and for good reason. Sanders can do it all. He can make the short throws, the medium throws, the long throws, off schedule plays and even beat you with his legs.

Sanders' first year in Power 5 football consisted of more than 3,200 passing yards, a 69.3 completion percentage, 27 touchdowns and only three interceptions. As Colorado moves to the Big 12 starting in 2024, Sanders will be able to show how he handles different defensive schemes and playing styles. With where Sanders is slated to go, that would mean it will be another rough year in NY in 2024.

We've had enough of those in the past decade to last a lifetime. Also, the dad factor can be a real concern for teams, including the Giants when it comes to Sanders. Deion Sanders loves his kid, as he should and wants the best for him. But the antics and loudness are making him the LaVar Ball of college football. Regardless of that, perhaps a move to NY for the younger Sanders could change everything.