5 reasons to be worried about the NY Giants in 2023

There could be plenty of ups and down for the G-Men this campaign
Carolina Panthers v New York Giants
Carolina Panthers v New York Giants / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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After a long wait, Sunday Night Football vs. the Dallas Cowboys is only three days away. It goes without saying, but the NY Giants have high expectations after surprising everyone in 2022 when they put together nine wins and made it to the playoffs. So, what's coming in Year 2 for Brian Daboll?

This should be a much better and more talented squad on both sides of the ball for NY. The team made several big-time moves, including trading for Darren Waller and Isaiah Simmons, plus adding plenty of talent via the NFL Draft.

But with all of these star players on the Giants roster, it certainly is no guarantee that they can return to the playoffs, especially in the ultra-competitive NFC East. These five factors should be reasons of concern for the Giants in 2023:

5. The Giants tough schedule

If the Giants wish to make it back to the playoffs, they will have to do it against some pretty tough teams. Unlike the 2022 season where the Giants didn't play against a ton of playoff contenders, especially at the beginning of the season, this time in 2023 it will not be easy going for them.

They already start the season hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, and if you're a big stat person like myself, over the last 12 meetings the Cowboys and Giants have had together, the Giants have only won once. Plus, that one win they had was against an Andy Dalton-led Cowboys team in 2020, so Daniel Jones has never beaten Dak Prescott since entering the league in 2019.

Some other notable teams that were in the postseason last season who the Giants have to play this year include the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles twice. Also, teams like the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and the New York Jets are supposed to be really good this year after missing out on postseason action in 2022.

There will also be a span during the regular season for the G-Men where they have to play three straight road games from Nov. 5 to Nov. 19. These games and how the Giants perform against them will show people what kind of team the G-Men really are in 2023. Yes, they got nine wins last season and a postseason berth, but this schedule will be a real test for Big Blue in 2023.