5 recent NY Giants draft picks we wish the team never made

The Giants 100 percent got these wrong.
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2. QB Daniel Jones

Drafted: 2019, Round 1, Pick 6

There are SEVERAL reasons to dislike Daniel Jones being selected sixth overall back in 2019. Even If you're a believer, you can still make the argument that Jones could have been drafted well after Pick No. 6. While there were whispers of Washington potentially being interested in taking him 15th, realistically, they still would have taken Dwayne Haskins and the Giants could have still traded up at 30 and taken Jones instead of Baker, or just drafted him in the second round.

For those who don't believe in Jones, he hasn't been very good, nowhere near worth being taken sixth overall. Even if he played at the level he did in 2022, is that really worth a sixth-overall pick on? Sure, he had one good playoff game against the Vikings, but are we genuinely going to say Jones was anything more than an above-average QB that season?

Say the Giants went down the route of taking Jones later than six, they could have taken a game-changer like Josh Allen or T.J Hockenson, who were taken the next two picks after Jones. Say Jones was still taken by Washington at 15, the Giants could have simply run it back with Eli Manning for one more season, sucked like they did anyways, and selected a better prospect like Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa.

There are so many different ways the selection of Jones could have gone down. However, one thing is for certain, taking him at six was the wrong move. Nearly every scenario that was laid out puts the Giants in a better situation than they are currently in. Thank you Dave Gettleman.