5 underrated NY Giants who can make a massive impact next season

Don't be surprised if these five Giants surprise fans in 2024

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3. PR Gunner Olszewski

When looking at the Giants 2023 season, the midseason addition of Gunner Olszewski was a bright spot for a team that had its fair share of struggles. In his 10 games with the G-Men, Olszewski made a real impact on special teams and was rewarded with a new contract this offseason.

Last season, Olszewski's biggest play was a massive 93-yard punt return in a close game against the Los Angeles Rams. Plays like this win football games; and the Giants need to have a formidable special teams unit to compete in the NFC.

While not getting any touches during his offensive snaps last season, Olszewski can undoubtedly make his impact returning kicks next season. Let's hope for more highlight plays from Olszewski in 2024. Special teams had been a nightmare for the Giants, leading to a new assistant coming in to lead the unit. Olszewski provided a needed spark in '23 and more of the same will be coming in '24.