5 underrated NY Giants who can make a massive impact next season

Don't be surprised if these five Giants surprise fans in 2024

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1. LB Micah McFadden

Though not a household name yet, Micah McFadden held it down as a linebacker alongside Bobby Okereke for the Giants last season. As the team gears up for a killer defense to drive their success next year, McFadden's role is vital in shaping a tough, run-stopping crew.

Just saying he racked up 101 total tackles last year doesn't do justice to how much McFadden meant to the G-Men. They often played catch-up, needing big stops to get off the field, and McFadden delivered by plugging holes and shutting down the run game.

With the Giants' D-Line looking solid, there's hope they can channel the spirit of the 2007 team and ride their hard-nosed defense to glory. With two beastly linebackers backing up Burns, Dexter Lawrence, and Kayvon Thibodeaux up front, the Giants' defense could be unstoppable next season. McFadden will surely play a big role in things.