5 worst-case NY Giants scenarios for the 2024 NFL Draft

The NY Giants need to avoid these outcomes in the upcoming NFL Draft
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4. NY trades back to No. 12 with Denver and drafts Michael Penix Jr.

If Schoen decides to trade down in the first round, grabbing Michael Penix Jr. in the Top 15 would be a move that leaves many Giants fans scratching their heads. With a severe injury history and turning 24 years old in May, Penix feels far too risky to select in the early part of the draft.

Penix's college production is indisputable, and no one will tell you that he does not have the potential to be a very successful NFL quarterback. That said, the NFL Draft is all about value, and reaching for a prospect can be incredibly detrimental to a team's future. If Penix is still on the board early in the second round, that's one thing… taking him at No. 12 overall is another.

The Giants have done their due diligence on Penix and hosted him on a Top 30 visit. With so many teams needing quarterbacks, some reports project Penix to garner attention in the early-to-mid first round. For the Giants, staying patient will be key if they decide Penix is the prospect they want. While Penix looks less likely to be available come their second-round selection, he carries far too much risk to warrant a selection with the No. 12 overall pick if this trade goes down.