5 worst-case NY Giants scenarios for the 2024 NFL Draft

The NY Giants need to avoid these outcomes in the upcoming NFL Draft
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1. Giants allow Raiders/Vikings to jump in front of them and steal their pick

Sitting at No. 6, the Giants are in a unique position regarding quarterbacks in this year's draft. With teams like the Las Vegas Raiders and Minnesota Vikings reportedly desperate to get their hands on one of the big-four quarterback prospects, trading with the Los Angeles Chargers at No. 5 overall makes a ton of sense.

For the Giants, this is the worst-case scenario. If a quarterback falls past the Cardinals at No. 4, teams will rush to contact the Chargers to see if a trade is possible. The Giants are sitting ducks at No. 6 for now, and teams are aware that it's more than likely that a quarterback prospect, whoever it may be, won't make it past the G-Men at No. 6.

With this, the Giants have two options: either trade up themselves and eliminate the possibility of getting leap-frogged, or hope a potential trade with the Chargers never materializes. While taking the bull by the horns and moving up sounds great, giving up unnecessary draft capital might be the worst outcome of all.

In some ways, the Giants are at a stand-off with all of these teams in pursuit of trading up. Who will make the power move and change the landscape of the first round? For Schoen, it's important to put a precedent on value and have backup options if things turn south. With prospects like Penix and Bo Nix potentially available later on in the draft, the Giants could possibly pivot in the event all four quarterbacks are off the board at No. 6. While stress-inducing, this game of cat and mouse is fun to speculate about heading into Round 1.