7 key NY Giants targets who Joe Schoen didn't land on Day 1 of free agency

Day 1 of free agency had its ups and down for the New York Giants.

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3. OG Robert Hunt

One of the more surprising moves from the first day of free agency was the Panthers deciding to give former Dolphin Robert Hunt a massive five-year, $100 million contract. While this was likely way out of the Giants' price range, they were still rumored to have been interested in the guard and we can't blame Hunt for taking such a massive payday.

Hunt is a good player, there's no doubting that, but making him one of the highest-paid players at his position is a little crazy. In 11 games with the Dolphins last season, he allowed five pressures and one sack, which are very good numbers.

We'll have to wait and see if the 27-year-old OG keeps up the production. Given the Panthers' poor personnel decisions over the last couple of years, they likely can't afford to miss on another player, especially one who makes so much. Hunt to the G-Men would have been nice, but it's not going to go down.