7 NY Giants moves Joe Schoen still needs to make including landing a WR1

Joe Schoen still has a lot left on his plate to get done

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6. Figure things out soon with Darren Waller potentially retiring

This is a bit out of Schoen's hands, but it doesn't have to be. At the NFL Combine, news dropped that Darren Waller was going to be back with the Giants in 2024 and they had no problem taking on his $14 million cap hit to see if he can live up to his potential with this team. Fans were pumped, as they would like to see Waller return to his Pro Bowl form.

However, a few hours later, a new report from Ryan Dunleavy dropped saying that Waller actually is unsure of his future and he's considering retiring. The mental toll the 2023 season took on Waller has him thinking that he may want to hang up his cleats. You can't blame the guy, as he just can't seem to stay healthy and his hamstring injuries keep piling up.

While we do feel bad for Waller, the fact of the matter is that Schoen needs to start planning even further for the 2024 campaign. If Waller is 50-50 on playing, it feels like him not suiting up for the G-Men this fall may be the best call. Regardless, Schoen will need to find a replacement either in free agency or the NFL Draft. Waller needs to let him know ASAP - maybe Schoen should even give him a deadline date.