9 way too early NY Giants bold predictions for the 2023 season

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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3. Rookie WR Quentin Johnson becomes a stud for the Giants

In order for this to happen, multiple things will need to come into play, but we're rocking with it anyway. With the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft coming later this month, the Giants have been linked with several players, especially at wide receiver. One guy we like in particular is TCU wideout Quentin Johnston.

About a week ago, we might have assumed that Johnston would be off the board, potentially going to the Baltimore Ravens at No. 22 overall, but a new NFL Mock Draft from CBS Sports has the Giants landing him late in the first round. At 6-3, 208 pounds, Johnston has the perfect size for a speedy outside wideout.

Can you imagine him making plays for Danny Dimes starting next fall? It's what a lot of Big Blue supporters are hoping to see. In order for that to happen, Johnston will need to fall to No. 25. And if that happens, then Schoen will need to not hesitate in going after him. We think both will go down. Look for Johnston to be a stud for the NY offense starting Week 1.