A.J. Brown spices up Giants rivalry with Saquon Barkley-Hard Knocks comments

Even more reason to get excited for the next Giants-Eagles showdown.
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

With the release of Hard Knocks, we've seen some fan reactions to what was showcased, especially surrounding Saquon Barkley. Something that was a little unexpected has been the reactions from some players. While we knew they'd have their own opinions on the show, some took it more personally than others, which is odd considering the show almost solely focused on the NY Giants.

That didn't stop Eagles star receiver A.J. Brown from finding a way to be vocal about how the Giants handled Barkley's free agency. It seems Brown wasn't happy about Joe Schoen underestimating Barkley's value on the market, which helped the Eagles land the star running back.

AJ Brown spices up Giants/Eagles rivalry with Saquon Barkley-Hard Knocks comments

Brown took to Twitter following the release of the first episode of Hard Knocks, saying the following:

Why Brown got fired up about the Giants letting Barkley walk, I'm not sure. However, Brown may need motivation considering he caught just seven passes for 89 yards and zero touchdowns between his two games against New York last season.

Pettiness aside, this statement from Brown will only further the historic rivalry between the Giants and Eagles. Things were already going to be hot with Barkley leaving for Philly and New York playing a part in the Eagles' demise last season, but now with this, we can only imagine how electric the matchups between these two teams will be in 2024.

Perhaps this will fuel the Giants in their own right. They are going to be looked at as underdogs all season long, so seeing a rival player say something like this could fire up the defense in these key matchups next year.

The Giants play the Eagles in Week 7 and Week 18 - the first matchup coming two weeks before the trade deadline, and the last obviously being the final game of the season. These two meetings will play a pivotal role in how the 2024 season plays out for both of these squads looking to go on a postseason push.