Watch the Aaron Rodgers vs. Jihad Ward beef and circle your calendars for Oct. 29

Aaron Rodgers was completely in the wrong against the Giants pass-rusher

New York Jets v New York Giants
New York Jets v New York Giants / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Just when you thought NY Giants fans couldn't dislike Aaron Rodgers more than they already did, a new clip from HBO's Hard Knocks has people fuming. During Saturday night's preseason showdown at MetLife Stadium, Rodgers and Big Blue pass-rusher Jihad Ward exchanged some heated words.

As it turns out, Ward gave Rodgers are nice shove after the future Hall of Famer fired off a pass to Mecole Hardman. Okay, we'll agree, it was pretty late from Ward, but it's not like he buried him to the ground or anything. Rodgers' reaction could not have been worse:

Aaron Rodgers vs. Jihad Ward is a new rivalry developing in New York

Would someone order Rodgers a giant piece of humble pie, please? Yes, Ward shouldn't have given him that forearm shove, but Rodgers came off pretty weak with his response. People all over social media can't believe he went the 'I've never heard of you' route. Things only got worse after Rodgers hit Garrett Wilson for a touchdown.

Maybe someone should remind Rodgers that Ward was part of the pass-rush that made his life miserable in London last season. The Packers and Giants met at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for an epic Week 5 showdown.

Just about everyone assumed that Rodgers and the Packers would cruise to a win over the G-Men. The opposite was the case, with the Giants capturing a stunning 27-22 victory. Rodgers had a solid game, but the defense got to him late, securing the victory for Big Blue.

The Jets and Giants will meet once again on Oct. 29 and we have a feeling that Ward is going to have some extra motivation for it. Rodgers tried clowning him and even had a smirk on his face when describing how things went down to his Gang Green teammates.

Let's hope Ward can post a sack or two of Rodgers at MetLife in late October. That would be the best way to shut Rodgers up for trying to embarrass him like this. Be better than this, Mr. Rodgers.

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