4 adjustments Brian Daboll must make if he wants to upset Philly

The Giants need to do things a little different if they want to end their dry spell against the Eagles

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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3. Maximize protection on right side of offensive line

This has been a problem for the Giants all season. The right tackle was spot occupied by Evan Neal and he didn't take the leap many were hoping before getting injured. Tyre Phillips held down the position in Neal's absence, starting nine games this season and all things considered, he looked pretty solid.

Against Philadelphia two weeks prior, Phillips had a solid game, allowing no sacks, pressures or quarterback hits against a strong Eagles front. While the Eagles pass-rush isn't as dominant as they were a year ago, they're still effective when need be.

The Eagles had just one sack on the Giants two weeks ago, which came on a Shaquille Leonard blitz. This week, Matt Peart will be at right tackle since Phillips tore his quad against the Rams. Peart hasn't put out any alarming things on film this year, but the Eagles are going to try and overwhelm his side of the line. In this case, Daboll needs to place more help on his side.

Unfortunately, Daniel Bellinger has six holding penalties this year, but he's the main option he has in terms of blocking at the tight end position. Having Saquon Barkley chip block before breaking off for routes or helping sense blitzes will help trmendously. The Eagles know the Giants offensive line as a whole is weak, but with the team on their third right tackle this season, Daboll has to make sure Philadelphia doesn't pick on the right side all game.