Absurd helmet mishap gifted Tyreek Hill his 69-yard TD vs. the Giants

How in the world did the Giants let this happen?
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Come on, how does this even happen? During Sunday's loss to the Dolphins, Miami got the second half going with a total bang, as Tua Tagovailoa hit Tyreek Hill in stride for what ended up being a 69-yard touchdown. Hill blew by NY Giants cornerback Tre Hawkins III on that play.

As it turns out, the rookie sixth-round pick shouldn't have even been out on the field in the first place. While speaking to the media after the defeat, veteran cornerback Adoree' Jackson said that there was an issue with his helmet that forced him to miss the start of the second half.

Due to that, Hawkins had to be rushed out onto the field to cover Hill, arguably the fastest guy in the NFL. That's a recipe for disaster and Hill made the Giants and Hawkins pay. Now, that play is even more infuriating knowing that a ripped screw on a (expletive) chinstrap played a role in things:

The Giants defense had no answers for the Dolphins in Sunday's loss

Goodness. This was something that couldn't be identified and fixed at halftime? The Giants were down one score at this time, with the team feeling sensational thanks to the 102-yard pick-six recorded by Jason Pinnock in the second quarter.

All of that momentum was wiped away by Tagavailoa and Hill hooking up for the electric touchdown. Who knows if things would have been different if Jackson was out on the field instead of Hawkins, but we'll never know.

With the Giants at 1-4, all of these silly mistakes keep adding up for this squad on both sides of the ball. Letting Hill blow by a rookie is one thing, but this equipment mishap, along with Xavier McKinney leaving the CB all on his own, is infuriating. The players aren't getting the job done and neither are the coaches. Everything HAS to get cleaned up before 1-16 stares the Giants in the face come January.