4 best moments of Sterling Shepard's NY Giants career

Shepard has meant so much to the organization over the years

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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2. Game-winning touchdown against the 49ers in 2018

In a tough season in 2018 for the Giants, we didn’t get to see many positives. Perhaps the best game of the season was when the Giants defeated the 49ers 27-23. Shepard had just two catches for nine yards in the game, but he made the big play when it mattered. Manning also posted a big drive when it mattered.

With just 53 seconds left on the clock, Manning completed a three-yard touchdown pass and the game-winner to Shepard. After the clock hit zero, Shepard and Manning had a great embrace as the Giants got the win in a very tough season. It was one of Shepard's most clutch and most memorable moments from our chair.

Unfortunately for the Giants, there weren't many great campaigns for the team while Shepard was in town. The 2018 season is included on the list, as NY missed out on the playoffs. Still, despite that, the team never stopped fighting and the game-winning grab for Shepard was a special moment, especially with it coming on the road.