Ranking the 10 best players in NY Giants history

You already know two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning is on this list

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Throughout the around 100-year history of the NY Giants, some pretty incredible talents have come and gone. New York has won four NFL championships pre-merger and four Super Bowls. Surely, they've had to have some all-time talent to achieve such accomplishments, right?

These 10 players all made massive impacts on the Giants during their time with the team - whether they contributed to a championship or were just incredibly dominant. With that said, here are the 10 best players in Giants history:

10. QB Phil Simms

Accolades: two-time Pro Bowler, two-time Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl XXI MVP

He may not have as many insane accolades as other players that could have taken this spot. However, there's no doubt about how important Phill Simms was to the Giants' Super Bowl runs in the '80s and '90s. Without him, the Giants definitely don't have their 1986 Super Bowl, and likely aren't in the position for Jeff Hostetler to win it all in 1990 after Simms went down with a broken leg.

The Giants' defense may have been the shining point of both Super Bowl teams. However, Simms consistently led below-average offensive units to high levels of success. Alongside this, Simms consistently rose to the occasion come playoff time.

For example, in Super Bowl XXI against the Broncos, Simms completed 22 of his 25 pass attempts for 268 yards and three touchdowns. Even prior to the Super Bowl, Simms had a game in which he threw for four touchdowns against the 49ers in the Divisional Round.

Being a quarterback automatically gives Simms a little nudge up into the Top 10. Being a great player in arguably the hardest position in all of sports is one thing. Winning a Superbowl while playing at an elite level in said game and setting up the Giants for yet another Super Bowl makes it easy to have him on the list.