Ranking the 10 best players in NY Giants history

You already know two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning is on this list

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4. OT Rosey Brown

Accolades: nine-time Pro Bowler, six-time First-Team All-Pro, two-time second-team All-Pro, 1956 NFL Champion, Hall of Fame All-1950s team, Hall of Famer

When talking about the greatest offensive linemen of all time, it seems like Rosey Brown is often forgotten about. Not only was he a top player on a championship team, but nine Pro Bowls and eight total All-Pro teams are just absurd. Alongside this, Brown's career was 13 seasons long, which isn't exactly common for lineman due to how much contact they absorb.

Brown may not have played extra positions like Gifford or Hein, but he didn't need to. Brown was a monster in the trenches that made opposing players' lives hell. For being selected in the 27th round, yes, that's right, 27th round, it's easy to say Brown had a more successful career.

His size and speed made him the premier blocking option for Gifford. In fact, Gifford had even stated that he wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame if not for Brown. It goes to show how respected he was by his peers at the time.

This sort of player is what championship teams are built upon. Hence why the Giants now having a high-level tackle like Andrew Thomas is so important. Adding this level of offensive lineman to a team can help build a special unit.