Ranking the 5 best plays in NY Giants postseason history

Super Bowl XLVI
Super Bowl XLVI / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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4. Mark Ingram Sr.'s epic 3rd and 13 run

In the third quarter of Super Bowl XXV, the NY Giants had the ball at their own 25-yard line down 12-10. It was very apparent that they needed to score this possession if they wanted a chance to win this game. With that in mind, the Giants proceeded to put on one of the best drives in Super Bowl history. Not only did the Giants set an at-the-time record for longest possession, but they converted three third downs as well.

Among these third-down conversions was a legendary catch-and-run by Mark Ingram Sr. On this play, Ingram would catch a pass at the Bills' 26 yard line. Obviously, he still had seven yards to go. After catching the ball, though, Ingram would proceed to shake off around five Bills defenders and push his way to the first down.

This play singlehandedly kept the Giants drive alive and would lead to an Otis Anderson TD run to put the Giants up by five. Without Ingram's incredible effort and determination, there's an incredibly real chance that the Giants don't win this game. This play was all heart from Ingram and it's a moment that no one will ever forget.