Ranking the 5 best plays in NY Giants postseason history

Super Bowl XLVI
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3. Erik Howard ends the 49ers dynasty

With the Giants having their second Super Bowl appearance in five years in sight,nothing was going to stop them from making the illustrious game in January of 1991. Not even the four-time champion San Franciso 49ers who were looking to win their fifth championship.

This game may not have been as crazy or exciting as some of the Giants' other postseason victories. However, that all came to an end when late in the fourth quarter, Erik Howard changed the course of history. The Giants were down 13-12 and the Niners had the ball. Steve Young handed it off to Roger Craig. Then, after being pin-blocked, Howard dropped his helmet right into Craig's hands and popped the ball free. Following this, Lawrence Taylor would recover the ball and the Giants' would put the game away with a game-winning field goal.

Howard is one of the more underrated players in Giants' history. With how stacked their defensive unit was at this time, many forget to mention Howard's contributions. Despite this, when it mattered most, he showed up similar to Ingram, and helped the Giants win the game. Not long after, the Giants were crowned Super Bowl XXV champs.