Ranking the 5 best plays in NY Giants postseason history

Super Bowl XLVI
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1. David Tyree with 'The helmet catch'

As if there was any doubt about which play would be No. 1 on the list. Everything about this play is just absurd and we couldn't be more grateful. With 1:15 left, down four, the Giants were desperate on 3rd-and-5, once again against New England.

Manning dropped back, and somehow, someway, broke away from three Patriots defenders. Then, after running out of the pocket, Manning launched a 32-yard pass to Pro Bowl special teamer David Tyree. Then, after all of these miracles already happened, Tyree did the impossible.

With Rodney Harrison all over him, Tyree leaped up, caught the ball, and stuck it to his helmet all the way down. Tyree may have been a great special teams guy, but the dude caught just four passes in the regular season that year. For a receiver of his caliber to be responsible for that level of play is just ridiculous.

The Giants would then go on to drive down to the Patriots' 13 before Manning threw a beautiful lob pass to Plaxico Burress to put the game away. Similar to the Manningham catch, Tyree is responsible for one of the greatest plays the NFL has ever seen. Thanks to him, the Giants managed to pull off arguably the biggest upset in sports history.

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