Ranking the 5 best plays in NY Giants regular season history

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants / Al Bello/GettyImages
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2. Lawrence Taylor's 97-yard game-winning pick-six on Thanksgiving

It's always a blast when the Giants play on Thanksgiving. However, this time around, New York found themselves stuck in a low-scoring affair with the Lions. Late in the fourth quarter, though, Lawrence Taylor broke the floodgates wide open by making a 97-yard pick-six look easy. The best part about this? This wasn't even the only iconic play Lawrence made on Thanksgiving.

Earlier in the game, Taylor made his epic one-handed sack on Lions quarterback Gary Danielson. The way Taylor makes Danielson look like a little child in this play makes us laugh every time. Despite this, the pick-six is just special. We already knew LT was unreal when he won Defensive Player of the Year in his rookie season. However, for him to be making plays like this in just his second year is absurd:

Taylor is responsible for several incredible moments on the field. However, in the history of the Giants this may be his best. Who would've thought that the greatest defensive player ever would be able to make such a ridiculous play happen? LT is the GOAT on defense, no doubt about that.