4 biggest Giants positives despite 1-4 start to the season

Despite the brutal start to the campaign, some NY players have impressed

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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There hasn't been too much to smile about for Giants Nation to start the 2023 season. The team is 1-4, Saquon Barkley is recovering from a high-ankle sprain, the offensive line is abysmal and even Brian Daboll can't seem to get the same production out of his players that we saw last year.

From top to bottom, this team is a mess. Unfortunately, it won't get any easier as the Giants head to Buffalo to face the Bills in primetime. However, even through the turmoil that has been these first five weeks, there are some players keeping hope alive.

4. LB Micah McFadden

Of all the problems the Giants have, the defense is toward the bottom of the list. They haven't been great, but they haven't been put in the greatest positions either. With that said, one guy in particular who has come on strong of late is Micah McFadden.

The second-year 'backer is finally getting some more playing time and it has been a huge help for the Giants. He's only played in four games, missing the Miami one, but his prescene has been felt all over the field. In those four games, McFadden has 21 solo tackles, 31 combined tackles and five tackles for loss. The guy is everywhere defensively and he really showed it when the team took on San Francisco in Week 3.

This was the best game of McFadden's early career and it wasn't even close. He had nine solo tackles and four of them were behind the line of scrimmage. It seemed every time a Giant made a tackle, it was McFadden. While the start of his year was rough, the Giants are hoping McFadden can keep on improving. He's dealing with an ankle injury right now, but let's hope he can play Sunday night.