4 Bobby Johnson replacements the NY Giants can hire as new offensive line coach

Who should Brian Daboll bring in to coach the offensive line in 2024?

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2. Dwayne Ledford, Atlanta Falcons offensive line coach

One of the very first firings of Black Monday was the dismissal of Arthur Smith from the Falcons head coaching role. Smith was there for three seasons, but went 21-30 in that time. With Smith fired, his staff will likely be looking for work elsewhere, which is where the Giants and Daboll could look at getting one of their assistants in offensive line coach Dwayne Ledford.

The Falcons offensive line was also ranked near the top of the league - Pro Football Focus had Atlanta’s offensive line ranked sixth towards the end of the year. Before he was on Smith’s staff in Atlanta, Ledford was the Louisville offensive line coach and offensive coordinator. Before then, he was the offensive line coach for North Carolina State for three seasons. Ledford seems to be a choice many feel the Giants should consider.

If several of the media members are suggesting the Giants look into adding Ledford as their offensive line coach, then it would probably be in Daboll’s best interests to look into his availability. We'll see if he brings him in for an interview.