4 Bobby Johnson replacements the NY Giants can hire as new offensive line coach

Who should Brian Daboll bring in to coach the offensive line in 2024?

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
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1. Mike Munchak, former Steelers, Broncos offensive line coach

Of the people on this list, nobody is more prominent and has a resume that states NFL Hall of Famer like Mike Munchak does. He was a Hall of Fame offensive lineman. When he coached an offensive line, his units were very good too.

Munchak last coached for the Broncos as their offensive line coach back in 2021 and hasn’t coached in the NFL in the last two seasons. However, there were reports before the season that Munchak might look to get back into coaching in 2024.

Munchak did some consulting work over the summer at the training camp for the Los Angeles Rams, which led people to wonder if Munchak will get back into the game. If Munchak is available, Daboll needs to see if he’s interested in the job. He should offer Munchak a blank check if needed. He’s the most qualified candidate out there.