4 bold predictions for the NY Giants vs. Eagles Week 18 matchup

The Giants are hoping to take down the Eagles in Week 18

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages
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1. The Giants will upset the Eagles

It has been quite some time since the Giants last beat the Philadephia Eagles. The last time they did just that was back in 2021 during Week 12 when New York won by a score of 13-7. Since then, it has been all Eagles. Straight up, Giants fans are sick and tired of seeing the Eagles come out on top of this rivalry.

For Brian Daboll, playing against the Eagles and Cowboys has been a total nightmare. Against Philly, Daboll is 0-4, including the NFC Divisional Round last winter. He's also 0-4 against the Cowboys, which has been brutal. Coach Dabes has a chance to save some face on Sunday - Big Blue fans can't take another loss to the Eagles.

As we previously mentioned, the Eagles have lost four of their last five games and their confidence is near the floor with the postseason right around the corner. The Giants can make things worse by taking them down at MetLife. We think that will be the case, as we're picking New York to post an upset win. It will be a great ending to what has been a brutal season for the Giants.