Brian Daboll blocking Giants OC Mike Kafka from new intervew request is telling

Seattle came calling again, but Coach Dabes but his foot down

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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Can we put an end to the speculation that Brian Daboll doesn't get along with NY Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka? If that was the case, then Coach Dabes might have helped the soon-to-be third-year OC pack his bags to leave New Jersey.

Instead, Daboll is putting his foot down to make sure Kafka is with the G-Men next season. According to CBS' Jonathan Jones, the Seahawks put in an interview request to meet with Kafka for their OC opening. Daboll and the NY front office decided to deny that request, keeping Kafka where he belongs moving forward.

The Giants blocked Seattle's latest request to interview offensive coordinator Mike Kafka

Seattle clearly has strong interest in Kafka, who arrived to the Giants as OC in 2022. Earlier this offseason, general manager John Schneider interviewed Kafka twice for their head coach opening to replace the legendary Pete Carroll.

The Seahawks ended up giving the job to Mike Macdonald, the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. Despite Kafka not being named HC for the NFC West side, they wanted to see if he'd be a good fit with Macdonald to run the Seattle offense.

Daboll and Co. were fine if Kafka were up for a promotion to become a head coach, but a lateral move here, to them, was out of the question. With that, it indeed looks like Kafka will be back for his third year working on Daboll's staff. Will he be the one to call the plays from start to finish in 2024?

This past season, with the Giants offense looking vanilla quite a bit, it was reported by Pat Leonard that Daboll took away play-calling duties from Kafka in multiple games. It'd be easy to understand why Kafka would be upset with that, but the hope is a fully healthy O next season will make his job a lot easier. We now know for sure that the job will be in East Rutherford.