Brian Daboll-Daniel Jones sideline interaction on TV broadcast has Giants fans on high alert

Coach Dabes is clearly not happy with the play of his quarterback
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
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The wheels are falling off in East Rutherford. The NY Giants entered Week 4 hoping to re-write the narrative on the 2023 season, but the offense looked nothing short of awful in the first half. Quarterback Daniel Jones has played rough and people are not happy with him.

Neither is his head coach. Throughout the first 30 minutes of play, Brian Daboll has been spotted shaking his head in frustration with what he's seen from his team on both sides of the ball. Late in the first half, Daboll was clearly upset with Jones, as the TV broadcast showcased a pretty awkward interaction between the two. Fans have definitely noticed how unhappy Daboll looks.

Brian Daboll is not happy with Daniel Jones and no one can blame him

In the first half, Jones went 14-of-17 for 121 yards, but he missed multiple throws and some of his reads could not have been worse. Jones also had a costly fumble in the first quarter, which helped a Geno Smith touchdown to DK Metcalf be recorded.

That fumble wasn't all on Jones, however, as the offensive line was terrible on this play. Lineman Shane Lemieux looked completely lost here and people are furious with the fact that he's even on the field.

The Giants opened as favorites to win this game, but then became underdogs in recent days. Despite the line changing so much, fans were hopeful that the G-Men would finally wake up and look like the team everyone thought they would be in 2023.

Instead, nothing but inconsistent play has been showcased and Jones isn't living up to his $160 million contract. Just about everything that could go wrong for the Giants this year has gone wrong and it's just been one deflating game after another. Daboll is not happy and no one can blame him for being ticked off these days.