Brian Daboll wastes no time firing 2 NY Giants coaches after 6-11 season

Coach Dabes had no choice but to make a change for the offensive line

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That didn't take long. After the NY Giants went 6-11 this season, you just knew that tough decisions were going to be on the way for head coach Brian Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen. On Monday morning, Coach Dabes has already announced two big changes for his coaching staff.

With that, Daboll will now be looking for both a new offensive line coach and someone else to lead the special teams unit. Moments ago, it was announced that Bobby Johnson and Thomas McGaughey have been fired from their posts. This shouldn't come as a major surprise to anyone.

NY Giants fired Bobby Johnson and Thomas McGaughey on Monday

Plain and simple, Johnson wasn't getting the job done for Daboll and Big Blue. The Giants offensive line posted one of the worst years in NFL history, allowing 85 sacks in 2023. That's the second most for a single campaign ever.

Not only that, but Johnson failed miserably in developing some of the young talent for New York. While Andrew Thomas was able to become an All-Pro left tackle, the rest of the group pretty much regressed under Johnson's watch. The list of course includes former No. 7 overall pick Evan Neal.

As for special teams, McGaughey had people furious throughout the season. The consistent mistakes for his group had people pulling their hair out from start to finish this year - the same could be said for Daboll if he wasn't bald.

The Gunner Olszewski punt return for a touchdown against the Rams in Week 17 was electric, but that didn't take away from the fact that there were far too many special teams errors this year. Things weren't much better in previous seasons either.

McGaughey had been the special teams coordinator with the Giants since 2018, but change was 100 percent needed. The same can be said for Johnson, who leaves after two years leading the NY offensive line. Daboll now has three jobs to fill on his staff, as running backs coach Jeff Nixon is leaving East Rutherford to become the new offensive coordinator at Syracuse.