Watch Brian Daboll lose his mind on refs for robbing Giants of key first down vs. Philly

Coach Dabes blew a gasket and rightfully so

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

On which planet is this a penalty on the NY Giants and rookie John Michael Schmitz?! In the third quarter of the Giants showdown against the Eagles, NY had 4th-and-4, but Jalen Carter jumped offsides and Big Blue should have been given a first down.

With that first down, the Giants would have been in a position to potentially make things a one-score game. However, an insane false start penalty was called on the rookie center Schmitz. This was 100 percent the wrong decision and Brian Daboll looked ready to blow a gasket after his team was forced to punt:

Refs screwed the Giants with a terrible penalty called on John Michael Schmitz

A Christmas present for Nick Sirianni and the Eagles? That's the only explanation for the penalty being called on JMS. As you'll be able to see in the video below, Carter clearly jumped offsides and Schmitz did nothing wrong at all.

Can someone explain to us what Schmitz did that resulted in laundry hitting the field? On the FOX broadcast, it was revealed that Schmitz was called for a 'sudden movement' to get the defensive lineman to bite. That would make sense if Schmitz did anything even close to that.

He looked down, then up, then to the side. Again, he did NOTHING wrong, but the officials decided to wipe away a game-changing first down for the Giants in this case. NY was a big enough underdog heading into this one, but the last thing they needed was to also have to play against the guys in stripes. This was a total BS call and there's no excuse for it. Daboll has every reason to be furious.