4 Brian Daboll mistakes that have cost the Giants early on

Brian Daboll hasn't been perfect through three games for the G-Men

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers
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1. Not letting Daniel Jones air it out

The Daniel Jones supporters, of which there are many, know where this is going. You have to let the guy air it out. But, through the first three games, Daboll has forced him into dinking and dunking for no more than five yards a clip quite a bit. What has happened with that strategy? Two losses and a scoreless first half in Arizona. Jones was taken off the leash in the second half in Glendale and absolutely lit it up. He threw for more than 250 yards, two touchdowns and even ran one in. This is what happens when you let Jones cook.

Obviously, Arizona's defense is a little different than Dallas or San Francisco, but the sentiment is the same. The offensive line has been a problem and maybe that's what Daboll/Kafka are thinking when plays are called, but that excuse can only go so far. At this point in his career, you have to trust Jones to make the right play. Either he can make the big throws or he can't, but regardless of the result, you'll know what Jones is. If he's never given the chance, you'll never know his full potential.

Jones may make this team a title contender if he's allowed to air it out more, or he could prove to be the joke that everyone outside of the Giants already thinks he is, but you have to find out. Jones inked his $160 million deal this offseason, but outside of the second half in Arizona, he hasn't lived up to that contract. He needs to take more shorts, with Daboll/Kafka putting him in a position to do so.