Brian Daboll quote on not trusting Tommy DeVito to throw isn't good enough

The Giants finished with -9 passing yards against the Jets

New York Jets v New York Giants
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Why is he even on the roster and an option at quarterback if you're not going to let him throw the ball downfield? That's a question infuriated NY Giants fans must have been asking themselves after the G-Men blew it late in the 13-10 loss to the Jets.

At one point, the Giants had a 99.9 percent chance of winning, but they let what felt like a guaranteed victory late in the fourth quarter slip away. The Giants finished with -9 passing yards on the day. Tommy DeVito replaced the injured Tyrod Taylor, but Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka refused to let him take any shots.

Throughout the second half and overtime, DeVito would either hand the ball off to Saquon Barkley or check the ball down to No. 26. DeVito finished with only seven pass attempts and two completions - inexcusable. After the final whistle, Daboll explained the reasoning for this, but it will leave you shaking your head:

Brian Daboll's explanation for the offensive game plan vs. Jets has fans frustrated

"I'd say this: this game, I kind of figured this is the way the game would be played out. We were going to run the ball regardless. With the weather conditions and the way our defense was playing, we knew it would be kind of a fourth-quarter game. I felt comfortable with him (DeVito) running the offense, but again, the plan was we were going to keep it on the ground quite a bit based on the weather and based on how we thought the game was going to be played out, and it played out pretty much the way we thought it was going to be played out. Just came up short."

Brian Daboll

Yes, the rain was falling hard at MetLife, but that didn't stop Zach Wilson from throwing for 240 yards and a touchdown. Wilson completed seven passes to Garrett Wilson, with the star receiver finishing with 100 yards. We're not comparing DeVito to Zach Wilson, but come on, the weather should not have been a reason to not throw the ball.

A lot of people are calling Daboll out for coaching scared against the Jets, with the offensive game plan being a big reason why. If Daboll and Joe Schoen didn't want DeVito to throw the ball, then why is he your third-string QB, and the No. 2 option behind Taylor with Daniel Jones injured?

UPDATE: The Giants just signed DeVito to the active roster ahead of Sunday's game vs. the Raiders.

DeVito did have a rushing touchdown, which is a moment he'll always cherish. However, that came in a losing effort. The Giants had no business blowing this game, but they somehow did in unreal fashion. If Daboll and Mike Kafka don't think DeVito can make simple throws, then they need to bring in a replacement, period.