4 contracts holding the Giants back right now

Daniel Jones' monster extension of course is on the list
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The New York Giants have a good amount of holes to fill entering the 2024 NFL offseason, but their salary cap situation isn’t exactly among the league’s best. While the franchise should have a little more than $26 million to work with when free agency and the 2024 NFL Draft rolls around, they have more issues than they’d like with that cap number. Still, we’ve seen Giants general manager Joe Schoen work magic with less, even if he’s made some questionable decisions over the last year. 

The Giants do have some talent, as building blocks like Dexter Lawrence and Andrew Thomas are locked in long term due to extensions Schoen gave them. Additionally, players like Bobby Okereke and Deonte Banks flashed in 2023, and are primed to take another step next season. 

Still, with some glaring issues that could sink their season, it remains to be seen how the Giants will address them. As they enter the offseason hamstrung by some players who haven’t been carrying their weight, here are four contracts that are holding the franchise back at the moment.

4. QB Daniel Jones

Let’s start with the obvious, even though it’s the most important position in football, the contract Schoen gave quarterback Daniel Jones has aged like milk so far. While Jones missed a majority of the season with injuries, he wasn’t anything to write home about when he was actually on the field.

The former Duke Blue Devils quarterback amassed two passing touchdowns while throwing six interceptions. That’s far from what you expect from a franchise quarterback. Entering 2024, Jones’ cap hit is an eye-popping $47.1 million next season. Yes, the Giants have an out after next season, but they’d still have over $20 million in dead money if they rid themselves of Jones. 

When you’re picking No. 6 overall in the draft, and you’re in the situation the Giants find themselves in, you’re usually in the market for a quarterback. Instead, New York is hamstrung by Jones’ gigantic contract, and they’re not receiving anything close to bang for their buck at the moment.