4 contracts holding the Giants back right now

Daniel Jones' monster extension of course is on the list
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3. TE Darren Waller

At the moment, Darren Waller is slated to have the fourth-highest cap hit on the team in 2024. That’d be well and good if he was performing the way he did for the Las Vegas Raiders over many seasons, but the Giants saw a ghost of the former Pro Bowl tight end last fall. 

Waller missed numerous games due to injuries last season, but that isn’t something the Giants weren’t weary of entering 2023, as they knew that could be a possibility with the tight end. It was his performance on the field that was worrisome, as Waller only caught one measly touchdown for the team in Year 1 with Big Blue.

Now, the Giants passing game wasn’t anything to get excited about for a majority of the season, and team’s frequently made sure to take Waller away. Still, he’s supposed to be a game-changer and at times a game-wrecker, and he wasn’t anything close to that last season. 

There’s a potential out for the Giants after next season, but that would carry almost $8 million in dead money. As it stands, Waller is under contract through 2026. Will he begin to play at a level worth the money he’s receiving? That’s the question Schoen and company have to ask themselves, and quickly.