4 contracts holding the Giants back right now

Daniel Jones' monster extension of course is on the list

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1. OL Mark Glowinski

Finally, we’ve reached the biggest discrepancy between their cap hit and their impact on the team in Giants offensive lineman Mark Glowinski. The former Indianapolis Colts lineman was signed during Schoen’s first free agency with the franchise, and immediate buyer’s remorse was had by the franchise. Glowinski was supposed to help stabilize a Giants offensive line that’s been yearning to improve for the better part of a decade, but he didn’t live up to the expectations placed on him over his first two seasons with the team. 

During his first season with the team, his $3 million cap hit was manageable. In 2023, that moved up to more than $8 million, which would’ve been fine if the Giants got some quality play out of him, but instead Glowinski was relegated to the bench. Entering 2024, the offensive lineman carries a cap hit of more than $7 million.

However, Schoen has an option, one that he’s almost guaranteed to take. Glowinski could be cut for only $1.5M in dead cap, which would save the Giants $5.5 million if they choose to go that route. Of course, the Giants would happily pay Glowinski that money if he played up to par, but there’s no reason to expect him to do so at the moment. 

Schoen knows he has to fix the offensive line, and cutting Glowinski and using the money elsewhere may be the best option on the table for the Giants. The offensive lineman’s time in New York will go down as a major disappointment, but it’s better than adhering to the sunk-cost fallacy with Glowinski in 2024.