Darius Slayton shuts down Daniel Jones hater for weak Patrick Mahomes comparison

This fan excluded all context when comparing Daniel Jones’ career to Patrick Mahomes

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Steve Marcus/GettyImages

When reflecting on Daniel Jones’ first six years in the National Football League, very little has unfolded precisely “according to plan.” Amidst the constant influx of new head coaches, injuries, and a shortage of offensive weapons, the New York Giants haven’t afforded Jones the proper chance to shine.

A notable outlier to this narrative is Jones’ 2022 campaign. During this season, he enjoyed strong health under the guidance of first-year coach Brian Daboll and looked like a world-class quarterback, even leading the team to a playoff win. Nonetheless, it remains unfortunate that we haven’t witnessed Jones consistently perform at a high level.

With all this said, when a hater posted a tweet comparing the first six seasons of Jones’ career to that of Patrick Mahomes, it did Danny Dimes a complete disservice. Anyone familiar with the Giants since his arrival would recognize the absurdity of such a comparison. Even wide receiver Darius Slayton, who entered the league in the same draft class as Jones, couldn’t help but intervene and call out the misguided tweet.

Darius Slayton won't let any Daniel Jones slander slide

Without diminishing Mahomes’ brilliance, Slayton’s response shows that he still has Jones’ back. In the NFL, your situation is everything, and as sad as it is to admit, Jones has gotten the short end of the stick in that regard. Consider Brock Purdy, a seventh-round pick in San Francisco, a perfect example of how a QB's situation and supporting cast can significantly impact how someone performs.

Slayton’s support shows that he is still in Jones’ corner and he is willing to back his guy until the wheels fall off. After another productive season, despite catching passes from Tommy DeVito and Tyrod Taylor most of the time, no one wants to see Jones suit up and play well more than Slayton. The speedster is coming off another strong year, posting 50 receptions for 770 yards and four touchdowns.

All Giants’ fans can hope heading into 2024 that Jones’ ACL recovery goes to plan and that Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll spare no effort in rebuilding the Giants’ roster into one that can compete in the feisty NFC East. In order for that to happen, Jones will have to be at his best. Luckily, he'll have Slayton there to make big plays for him too.