5 day-after thoughts from the NY Giants embarrassing loss to the Jets

The Giants absolutely choked late in the Week 8 game against the Jets

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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2. Saquon Barkley can't do everything on offense for this team

With the Giants not trusting DeVito to throw the ball, this meant extra work for Saquon Barkley. While he wasn't able to find the end zone, that doesn't mean No. 26 wasn't a star for the Big Blue offense vs. the Jets. On the day, Barkley carried the ball 36 times for 128 yards. That was a BUSY day on the ground for him.

Don't forget that Barkley was dealing with an elbow injury as well. Despite him not being at full strength, Barkley was able to fight through the pain and gain some tough yards for the G-Men. You could tell he was battling some discomfort, but it didn't slow him down. Unfortunately, all of his hard work came in a losing effort.

We can't overstate how important Barkley is for this offense. Moving forward, Daboll and Kafka are going to need to rely on him heavily, which is stating the obvious. He's the most important player on offense for the Giants and his play is only going to be even more important if both Taylor and Jones are ruled out for Week 9. As we mentioned previously in this piece, the Giants should look to sign a veteran QB. Whoever starts next week - they'll need No. 26 to be at his best for NY to have a shot at a win.