5 difficult decisions facing the NY Giants and Joe Schoen this offseason

Will the G-Men bring in a new QB for next season?

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
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4. Re-signing Xavier McKinney

This may not seem like a difficult decision to some, but with Xavier McKinney potentially wanting $12+ million per season, it wouldn't seem crazy to see the Giants maybe be a little hesitant to bring the 24-year-old safety back on such a big deal. Despite this, we really think McKinney would be worth every penny because he truly does provide a ton of value to the Giants' defense.

Last season, McKinney was one of three players in the entire NFL to play every single snap on defense, which is impressive in its own right. Alongside this, he also had the highest pass coverage grade amongst all corners and safeties according to PFF.

His abilities to make a difference in the run and pass game makes him super valuable, so to reset at his position when the option to re-sign him is right there just seems silly. We hope Schoen doesn't find this decision too difficult, but hearing what some fans have said about McKinney over the years makes us think the odds of him coming back could be lower than we think.