5 difficult decisions facing the NY Giants and Joe Schoen this offseason

Will the G-Men bring in a new QB for next season?

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
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1. Whether or not to go through on building around Daniel Jones

While Daniel Jones did have a tough season with injuries, when on the field, his play was less than ideal. This has led several Giants fans and analysts to believe the team could move on from Jones just one full campaign into his brand-new contract. Based on his stats, and what his actual film showed us, it's very easy to see why.

Through the six games he played, Jones completed 67.5 percent of his passes for 909 yards, two touchdowns, six interceptions, and four fumbles. Whether it be his inability to move off his initial read, poor decision making that came back from seasons past, or his awful pocket presence, Jones simply failed at every level.

In today's NFL, you can't win with mediocrity unless you have an absurdly elite team around said QB like the 49ers. Unfortunately, the Giants are not at that level and neither is Jones, so it may simply be time for the Giants to focus on a future without him.

While Schoen has said the current plan is to build around Jones, we don't exactly believe him considering how early it is in the offseason. Jones' run in 2022 was great, but it's time for the Giants to face reality and move on for the sake of their future. That's why Schoen pulling off a stunner to bring in an elite QB in the 2024 NFL Draft could very well happen.